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King Kong Media Production

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Bringing your brand story to life in the most engaging ways.

Social Media

Social Media — the place where 93.33% of global internet users are living online.

Social Media Marketing is the approach to optimise your process of exchanging value online to expand your brand. We offer services including graphic designs, copywriting, online advertising, illustrations, animations and even influencer marketing.

King Kong being one of the top media companies in Singapore, understands the rules of the social media game well enough to assist your brand pedal forward, quite efficiently. We serve small businesses, enterprises and even multinational companies by providing social media marketing services that are tailored exactly to them.

List of Services

Graphic Design

Visuals speak a thousand words.


Sales negotiation in written form.

Social Media Management

Building a brand of your people.

Social Media Advertising

Expanding your business to the fullest.

Campaign Development

Bonding between you and your consumers.


Creative representations for your brand.


Motion graphics that engage well with your audience.

Photo & Videography

Images and footage that convey stories and clear messages.

Graphic Design

Visuals speak louder than words.
Transmit crucial brand messages through scroll-stopping graphics, and stimulate interests and actions through colour psychology.

The representation of your brand image and first impressions across multiple social media channels. A consistent design and brand elements could foster consumer trust effectively.


Exclusive representations of your brand.
A possibility that unlocks the unique side of your brand which easily excels your rivals in the game.

Telling your story via illustrations, and influencing your consumers’ brand perceptions. Becoming a brand of your people.


Motion graphics grab attention effortlessly.
Animations engage well with your audience by conveying not just one, but multiple messages in a few seconds video.

It’s more than just a graphic, and not as lengthy as a 10-minute video, but it has the most impact on getting your messages across.

Digital Imaging

Photo manipulation in action.
Executing your creative ideas into reality. An interesting approach towards gaining virality online by merging controversial elements with your products or services.

Magnifying the fun and innovative faces of the brand to retrieve mass traffic online.

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