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Reunion Dinner《团圆饭》

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Reunion Dinner《团圆饭》

REUNION DINNER follows the story of co-workers Chaoyang (Lawrence Wong) and Zi Hong (Cya Liu) who have been dating for more than a year, with marriage on the cards. When a client requests for a livestream of their reunion dinner to promote his products, the couple realises that neither have met the other’s family. Zi Hong is excited to finally get to meet Chaoyang’s mother, unaware of the latter’s estranged relationship with his mother. Embarrassed by his mother Yan Ling’s (Xiang Yun) occupation as a mama-san, Chaoyang decides to engage the help of a friend, Wei (Mark Lee), to “rent-a-family”, resulting in a series of mishaps and hilarity.
The carefully constructed sham falls to pieces when the lie is eventually exposed over the reunion dinner on livestream. Will Chaoyang be able to repair the broken relationship with his mother and reconcile his differences with Zi Hong?

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