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The Diam Diam Era Two《沉默的年代2》

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The Diam Diam Era Two《沉默的年代2》

This is the second part of the two-part movie, "The Diam Diam Era", which continues the story of the Lim family from "Long Long Time Ago" (2016). It revolves around the family`s second generation, Zhao Di`s son Shun Fa and Ah Kun`s son Yong Xin, and explores the generation gap between the older and younger family members.

The story continues with Ah Kun, Osman and Shamugam forming a political party C.M.I to contest in the 1988 General Election.

The fervent of campaigning has swept up both Ah Kun's and Zhao Di's family. As Ah Kun thinks of many ways to garner support, will both families be dragged in as well? Can Ah Kun really win the election?

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