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Time Is Money《十万夥急》

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Time Is Money《十万夥急》

It revolves around the story of Chen Mo who is one of the second generation of rich family. Due to his addiction in gambling, he lost everything in which his dad has passed over and this infuriates his old man. His dad left him a painting by painter Chu Zhong Tian. After he and his underground boss saw the news in television about a painter and how to boost up the painting’s value, the underground boss forced him to fly to Singapore to kill Chu Zhong Tian.
Zhu Yue Po hates Chu Zhong Tian because it’s Chu Zhong Tian’s fault that he was being placed inside a jail. Because Chu Zhong Tian was surrounded by enemies, he accept the gallery broker recommendation to seek for Malaysian beautiful gallery broker, Hu Jing help to sell his painting while fleeing from danger.

Finally, 3 of them meet in Malaysia and start their evil scheme against each other.

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