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  • 妈妈的味道,满满的幸福 Happiness is the Taste of Mom's Cooking

    Online Video Production 视频创作

    当今的忙碌社会,我们往往都是在外面打包。你还记得上一次和妈妈吃饭是几时吗?你还记得《妈妈的味道》吗?这个周末,回家陪妈妈吃饭吧 - 妈妈的味道,满满的幸福。 We often dine out in today's fast-paced society. Do you remember when was the last time you had a meal with your mom? This weekend, have a meal with your mom and rekindle the taste of Mom's cooking. Happiness is the taste of Mom's cooking
  • Reunion Dinner《团圆饭》

    Movies Investment & Production

    REUNION DINNER follows the story of co-workers Chaoyang (Lawrence Wong 王冠逸) and Zihong (Cya Liu 刘雅瑟) who have been dating for more than a year, with marriage on the cards. When a client requests for a livestream of their reunion dinner to promote his products, the couple realises that neither have met the other’s family.
  • Digital Marketing 网络营销

    Boosting your brand exposure with the most creative online marketing strategies and tactics. Spreading your core business messages across a myriad of social media channels.
  • Events Management 活动策划

    Your vision. Our innovation: Event solutions.

  • Concerts 演唱会

    Focus to create an exciting and memorable audience experience.

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Online Video Content Production

Build your brand awareness and image by producing engaging videos like infotainment and comedy skits.

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Movies Investment & Production

Movies are a source of popular entertainment and an effective medium for communicating with the people.

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Bringing the world's best live performances and family entertainment to our stage for great audience experience.

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Digital Marketing

Amplifying your brand values and competitive advantages to excel all your rivals in the market.

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Events Management

The grandest way to celebrate your brand and achievements, a direct interaction with all your stakeholders.

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Artistes 艺人

An Entertainment Company with an integrated business model.

King Kong Media Production is an entertainment company with an integrated business model encompassing movie development, online content creation, social media marketing & talent management. Founded by renowned entertainer Mark Lee.


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